Thursday, 30 October 2008

My 2nd Puppy "momo" the local dog




1 year old MAX


Thursday, 31 July 2008

Useless uncle

This is a story about a guy who going through the real working life. After graduated from colleague, he help up his uncle in construction. Always thought that working with family member will be easy. with some of his knowlegde in business fundamental and be able to manage the project wisely has been an advantage for him to assist his uncle in business. With a fix salary and little commision every month. He is happy with his life. After few months working, his uncle offer him to join the company as a shareholder with a condition, he must invest Rm20,000 initial to buy new machinery and tools.With more than half a million dolar project in hand. The young guy has agreed to join and work together with his uncle, manage his account and workers.

One week after the discussion, the uncle started to use up the young guy money. He started to spend thousands on new machine, lend his newphew money, car and started to meet up new client.The young guy was so happy to look at the progress.

Unfortunely, suspicious activities happen, one day when on the way back from meeting client. His uncle has been stopped by 3 Indian and forced him to get down from his truck. Trying to cover up his back, he asked his young nephew to go back to the site and he will settle all the missunderstanding. The young guy refused and started to asked the indian guys what is happening. Eventually one of the indian guy has been informed by the financial institution to tow the truck because his uncle has not pay up the installment for 3 months. With his ego, the uncle said he can settle and try to fight back. haha but he end up sitting in between the indian guy and he has to go to the bank to pay up the settlement.

Suddenly, the young guy sound his uncle. " You keep quiet, let me settle this problem" he escort the indian guy to the bank and lend his uncle money to pay up the loan. Finally the problem has been settle, but the uncle keep bring up problem to his nephew. Keep asking for money..........

After few weeks, the "bastard uncle" set an appointment with his older brother who is the young guy father to talk about investing into his new company. Unfortunely the bastard has refuse to co operate because he said he can handle all the project. After looking at the value of the project that getting bigger. He started to get greedy.The young guy got fedup, stood up and scolded him. You are useless, when need money you beg us but when u saw the project and money u said, I do not need ur assistant. I can work on my own. So fuck off, do not come to me when u need my favour. You suck a useless uncle. The young guy screwed his uncle.

Years after the incident, the "bastard uncle" has stop his construction business and he has to repay all the money to his nephew.


Tuesday, 1 July 2008


The houses price has shot up more than 30 percent since last year. The price is getting more expensive while size is getting smaller compare to years back. The market was so uncertainty because the developers has been using the excuses due to hiking price of the material and labor cost.Any body ever wonder whether the price and the quality of the house is equal enough.

The quality was not good as it was. The material is under grade and the was lower grade, and quality of the house is getting worst. For example, compare the timber 10 years ago and the timber quality now. The wood is getting hollow and lighter. The electricity wiring getting thinner and more expensive.

Tonnes of people has been dub just because of the "Sweet and Superb" interior and exterior decoration. The designer has over charge their customer with uncessary billing. Idea has been copy here and there. There are not many talented designer who can create a magic to your house. There is nothing for you to be proud of, today you might have the best designed house then few week later people started to copy your design and there are nothing special for your to talk about it any more.

I have personally experience this. I have seen be continue


Sunday, 29 June 2008

Money making factory..

Recently, i dont feel the excitement of working in the bank. I have been keep on repeating my work from day to day without any new things to learn. When talk about the features, the management will just find a "rubbish" reason to delay the entire process. My working life seems so useless.

Working in the bank seems waste of time for me. If I have not set my goal to be one of the top banker in the region i guess my working life will be even bored. Looking at tonnes of people who run their daily routine just like me. I feel so lazy doing anything. I guess this is the "best" part working in the bank. If you have achieve your monthly target in the beginning of the month. Then the rest of the month you will be doing nothing. "Just like a homeless ghost" walking around without a goal. You will be repeating the job each and every month.

For the bankers who doing investment, it would be a rough time for them because the customer is losing money, profit is not guarantee since the market is so "damn volatile" only people who trust the "CON" will get into deep shit. The sweet talk by the $$$ people who run around like "dingo" looking for their pray to feed their own stomach. Only little percentage of $$ people who will put their own shoe into their customer portfolio. To look for the chance to make extra profit for their customer. I dare you people out side. " Go to the " $$ factory" and ask the people who trying to sell you products. Do you bought it your self since you are pushing the product to me ?"
While people are losing their profit, those people are laughing with their pocket full of " sunshine".

The working life and attitude of this people are horrible. Met tonnes of them, hate most of them. To fulfill their own pocket, they have lost their own dignity and working ethic. Money has transfer the young people to a money sucking monster.

I am lost out there, if not because of making some living i would prefer to make money by drawing and designing.

With no experience, i guess i need to work hard on it. But ......................... I am lost..............

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

road to " Be a Interior designer"

Design a house interior and exterior always is my activity for my pass time.To show my design and give some opinions to friends and relatives on their house is always my pleasure. The more u ask the "higher" i goes. From landscapes to roof top. I always have my idea to break the normal design.Without a certificate, i still manage to come out with a design that presentable.

For your information, the house that I'm staying now took me about 6 months to complete. From an empty old house to a brand new refurbish home.

My idea always come from places and houses that look " good " for my eyes.From a 3 toilet + bathroom to 5. From a double storey terrace to a two and a half storey home.

The process of building it from demolish the old structure is always fun for me. The slow and keep changing process is very irritating but when come to the result. Is speechless when all the people passes by would request for a peek into the house.

Below are some of the pictures after construction.

--------------- Living Room ----------------------

For people who need some ideas or opinions on house to re-construct your own house may drop me a msg so i may reply u asap.
.....Certless Designer .....


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Max The Labrador

This is Max when he walking around the house for the first time.


What a lazy dog.......HAHA

Do you dare to mess with me????-------!!


Max - My Young Labrador

On the 31th of August 2007, My girl friend's brother past a little black puppy to her and asked her to take care of the puppy. The dog was so little and weak, And her brother mentioned that he picked up the dog from the drain in front of his customer house. So we asked him, what type of dog is this. He said it may be from a retriever family that have mixed with other kind of dog. He said that his customer own a golden retriever but as i know there is no black retriever.So we suspect that the puppy is a mix of retriever and other kind of dogs. On that day it self we name the puppy as -- MAX.

The first few day with Max was hectic, because the dog poo and piss around the house. We have sleepless night because MAX make out noise At night the puppy cry. I guess he cry for mommy. The voice was so down until we do not feel comfortable. So to cheer the MAX up, my girl friend and me both take turn to let the puppy sleep on our lap and make sure that MAX is playful enough so it wont get bored and lonely.

During the first month, Max driving us crazy with his poo and piss around the house but the process of growing make us really happy. Max love to play and sleep on our lap. We even taught Max how to SIT when he was few weeks old . At first it was tough and we nearly give up but when we see Max "SIT" for the first time is just like listening a baby calling you PAPA or MAMA. We was so happy with the result, Max will get his treat when ever we ask him to sit. Slowly, we teach Hand, and Max can switch his feet when we ask him to change. hehehe.

There once day, I was in bad mood. It was after my dinner with some friends, my grandma called up and told me that my house was mes sup by the dog. The first thing i saw when i went back was the "shit" was all around and MAX has bitten few pairs of shoe which not belong to me. I lost my temper and i have hit MAX quite hard, even though i know Max is just a puppy but at that moment i just know that Max is a bad dog. I was nearly send Max back to my home town.

After i have cool down my temper and advised by my girl friend. I feel so bad because knowing that Max is just a puppy,and i shouldn't treat Max so badly because we need some patience and attention to train Max to behave. Sorry Max..........:-(

We brought Max to the vet every month for the vaccine and health checkup and on the first day itself the doctor told us that Max is Mix from a Labrador and another type of dog which he cant identify.Based on a book we bought, we can confirm that Max is a Labrador. The book even says that Labrador love water, very playful and smart.No wonder Max love to bath.
Now Max is already 4 months old, weight about 14Kg and he have learn some trick such as Sit, Hand, Jump,Fetch and Recently we taught Max how to walk along us and Down. Max progress very well and we looking forward to teach more so Max can be a well trained Labrador.

Who ever read this and have experience with Labrador, please advise or exchange some tips with me. Thanks.